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August 27, 2013



Eric in the garden, 1848 Manor House

Life’s a beach, Every vacation should end at one.

I booked the suite at the 1848 Island Manor House on Chincoteague Island. It was all that was left when I booked three weeks ago. Everything is relative, the cost of the suite per night was expensive compared to the other rooms in the B &B and extravagant compared to local motels, but no more expensive than the bare minimum we would have paid for a adequate motel room on Cape Cod or in the Hamptons. It was three beautiful rooms, our own screened sun room and it came with delicious breakfasts and lovely people.


We borrowed bikes and tooled around the island, Friday morning. Behind the carnival park we found a corral with a “wild ponies”. We did see from a long distance, the herd of wild ponies at the Assateague Refuge, but the young foals and there mothers were spending some time in town, which afforded us the opportunity for close up photography.




We took advantage of the rainy Friday afternoon to visit Wallop’s Island, currently used by NASA. We read a letter from a teenage George H Bush, who was stationed there for a short time during WWII, he complained about the food to his mother and described a landing accident to his father, begging him not to tell his mother who would be worried.

Rocket that sent the first monkey into space

Rocket that sent the first monkey into space

We ended the vacation at the beach, along with the obligatory hike, to the Light House.

We took a picnic dinner to the downtown dock park and had a fine evening listening to Chaz Dipaola and his New York City Blues Band.IMG_1572

They had started their road tour in Quebec, had played Greensboro North Caroline, and were driving back to New York City directly following the show.

We got ice cream at Island Creamery, went to sleep and drove back to New York City the next morning.