Shenandoah National Park, Monday August 19, 201

Shenandoah, Monday August 19,2013

We had breakfast again in the dining room with a view, and the view was yet again the fog. we took it on faith that there was a town in the valley below.

Summit of Stony Man

Summit of Stony Man

The benefit of taking the ranger’s walk is there are lots of people to take your picture at the summit.

By ten, the fog had cleared enough that we took the ranger walk to Stony Mountain Summit. The ranger, who used to live in Williamsburg,( the one we knew, the one with bridge not colonial houses.)  had a masters degree in poetry. Today, however, he talked a bit about the flora and the fauna of the park.
P1010362We left the group at he summit, hiked over to Little Stony man Summit where we ate lunch while, a family of three boys from Toronto skiddaddled around us. we continued on the Pasaquamody trail for a good while until miraculously we ended up in the parking lot where our at was parked.Interesting Tree Mushrooms along the Pasamaqoody trail

We needed rest, wine and showers (not necessarily in that order), but after obtaining all three we were up for another hike. This time we picked a trail that was wheelchair accessible. one mile on flat terrain, Limbrelost was perfect for our weary feet, and a grandmother and grandfather and their four grandsons. The hike ended in the parking lot (again, gratefully, the one where our cat was parked), where a bear cub was busily inspecting the garbage can. we approached very quietly as not to scare him away. he was not impressed with our stealth. he looked straight at us with the what, people again look of disdain,and continued with his business. we took lots of pictures.

Parking lot bear cub, observing us observe him

Parking lot bear cub, observing us observe him

We found the cafe, at Big Meadow and revitalized yet again we took the last ranger walk of the day, the meadow walk at sunset. this ranger, an environmentalist, answered a young man’s question about why all the rangers were so young. “we’re all summer interns, the real rangers work in the offices,” he told us, “They are jealous of our outdoor work and we are jealous off their health insurance.”

Zach, our ranger, had us read quotes from the Hobbit, sketch the sunset and observe the many deer that , like us enjoyed Big Meadow at sunset

Sketching sunset in the Big Meadow

Sketching sunset in the Big Meadow


Hiking through the Big Meadow at dusk

Hiking through the Big Meadow at dusk



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