Lake Louise- Alberta Canada


Lake Louise

Wednesday- July 31 , 2013

I didn’t matter much that I believed I could not move because the plan for the day was another hike. I hobbled to the car and we were off to Lake Louise. Actually that is the name of the town. We went to Lake Morain, because Daniel thought it would be less crowded. It was pretty crowded.

Which is not a bad thing since the rule is you can’t hike any trail without a party of four. We met a nice Australian couple who joined us on the straight uphill jaunt. Thirty yards into the trail I decided I couldn’t do it. That’s when I found out the Australian couple consisted of a gym teacher and a first grade teacher. Is there anyone more encouraging than a first grade teacher and gym teacher? Maybe Daniel and Wendy. Its like the old joke about smoking -quitting is easy to do – I did it repeatedly for the first 1000 feet of elevation. But don’t forget you must hike in a party of four so I needed to continue until I could join a descending party.

I also found out the bug spray sold in Australia is far more effective than anything sold where I can buy it. The gym teacher gave me a few handfuls to rub into my exposed skin and the black flies bothered me far less than they did the South Calgary Rotary Club. But I get ahead of myself.

At 1000 feet there is a bench. And a little sign. I was about to wait at the bench for the next descending group (you can’t hike alone – or I suppose you will be eaten by a bear). But the bench was occupied by two young men who told us it was a short flat walk to Eiffel Lake. Daniel decided that was a good idea for me, since the group would still have four and they continued their ascent.
That’s where the South Calgary Rotary Club comes in. Five members of the South Calgary Rotary Hiking club happened by at that moment and I made the decision to join them on what I was assured was a short, flat hike to a glacial lake.

By short, they meant only one mile longer than the steep ascent I had just completed and by flat they meant a much gentler, though continuous incline. Never the less – although these people had some years on me, I greatly enjoyed their company and their much reduced pace.

And so after a couple of hours of hiking through a snow field (don’t think I didn’t fall into the snow- I did several time) and fields bursting with wild flowers, a side effect of the rains that caused the terrible flooding in Calgary-we arrived at Eiffel Lake.

wild flowers

wild flowers

And it was nice. And the walk back was even nicer- all downhill. I met Wendy and the Australians going to the lake as we returned. They had done their upper climb and now were going to lake. Did I care to join them- I did not – see above for my opinion about going uphill when downhill is a choice.


Luckily- Wendy was very tired as well so dinner was at a lovely Tapas restaurant in Canmore- called Tapas.


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