Canmore Alberta Canada

I used to take a notebook and a pen on vacation.  I  have books as far back as 1969 of my travels. that way if I want to look at a twelve year old’s first impression of plane travel or if I can’t think of the name of the pizza restaurant  in a cave in Seville, I just go to the books. but then of course technology took over and I found myself torn between taking the little notebook computer or the IPad on my four day trip. I spent so much time wrestling with the various merits of each item, I took both.

the Canadian Rockies

the Canadian Rockies

I arrived in Canadian Rockies and little bits of technology seem so insignificant to the scheme of thing. (And that’s not just because I couldn’t get my cell phone to work.)

it was pouring rain when Daniel, Wendy and I left the airport.image

We passed Olympic Park in the rain. When the girls were little we watched Cool Running, the story of the Jamaican bob sled team They  freeze their tootsies off as they arrived in Calgary for the 1988 Winter Olympic Games. In the summer rain we saw the park where they carried their damaged sled past the finish line to the amazement of the crowd.

The Three Sisters the peaks that tower over Canmore, were shrouded in the mist. I knew to go to bed early- (By early I mean 18 hours after I left the house in the morning, and 22 hours after we had scrambled with the Delta reservations desk, for a flight to replaced the one they cancelled).P1010284

Wendy had emailed me to bring hiking shoes. I replied I had not owned a pair since 1977. I thought of buying a pair in New York but Julia said, any mountain I needed hiking shoes for I didn’t belong on. And anyway I wouldn’t have enough time to break them in.
Daniel is not Julia. The weather bug on the Ipad insisted that it was a sunny day but the Three Sister Peaks were no longer shrouded but completely hidden in the morning mist. It was around noon when we head off for a “little hike”.

Spray  Resorvoir

Spray Resorvoir

I ended up on one of the trails that Julia said I had no business being on. In sneakers and then in sandals, and a variety of changing back and forth we hiked up a mountain 1475 feet.We didn’t exactly reach the summit, but a pass between two peaks, well above the treeline.P1010214

We took pictures, I am sure there are those who still believe I took a gondola or something like that- but I have the blisters to prove I did it on my own power.

I made it!

I made it!

I only got slightly lost at the very end of the hike. Wendy and Daniel were sitting on a rock – I was  bringing up the rear, and they told me to go ahead they would catch up. So I did, and somehow lost the trail. But old girl scout that I was, I figured that there was only one sensible thing to do and the was go down. There was a road and a reservoir in the valley and sooner or later I would hit them.

P1010208I did. Far closer to the where the car was parked, then I feared. And there was Wendy waiting. Daniel had gone back up the mountain to look for me. Like – I would have ever chosen to go up given the choice. But I supposed they feared I could have been hurt somewhere.

But we reunited and returned to town.


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