New Orleans

New Orleans
New Orleans on a chilly afternoon with Myra. Here we are halfway through our sixth decade, still traveling, still bickering.

We have different outlooks on life. She hates technology. I love it. She claims to be no good at it. I claim to have facility. So I turn on my cell phone and follow Google Maps. She claims I don’t look up. I read the Walking tour off the E-reader. (I down-loaded it off the web and transferred it to the Nook at 6am- when I couldn’t get the printer to work). She uses the guide book.

Back in the hotel- I panic. I’ve brought the wrong charger cord down- no lightening bolt in the battery indicator means no Google Maps on the Cell phone tomorrow. So I journey into the New Orleans junk world and purchase another. I am nobody’s fool, I check for the lightening bolt before I leave the store $24 dollars poorer.
It’s there. Back in the hotel room I plug in the phone- no bolt. But wait – I get it – the outlet must be dead. I move to the bathroom- Phew! phone charging. So is it possible the first charger worked? I check- it did. So much for technological genius!

We had lunch at Erin Rose’s bar(courtesy of my Yelp app, Myra’s guidebook not so swift at locating nearby restaurants). Killer po-boys and erudite discussion of history and literature. Then half of the walking tour mentioned above, before we returned to the hotel for a break.

We are opposites – she snoozes, I type. Tonight at the casino I will be nodding and she’ll be ready to go.


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