Another week

So the second of week of vacation- produced less reporting than the first. Noteworthy entry: Monday –

Long Island Film Festival July 11 2011

A friend’s nephew wrote and directed this movie. My friend actually appears in the movie in a few scenes. I would have seen the movie at any rate. I would have told everyone I loved it if I hated it. I loved it- didn’t have to lie at all.

Thursday was the Jon Stewart show. Myra had gotten us tickets but, didn’t end up going. So Marissa, Julia and I went. This is how being an audience member works You request tickets. They send you an email which gives you the privilege of waiting on line. We waited on line (actually Marissa did- I was busy searching for the best parking spot by a subway station in Queens- I give myself a 3 out of 5 stars review. Found a good spot- wasted a lot of time looking.) Then you get tickets and are told to be back two hours later at 4:45pm Then you wait on line again. Then some woman comes out and tells you not to use your cell phones and to go to the bathroom. Then you wait on line for the bathroom. Use the bathroom and return to the line- more waiting. Then a man comes out and tells you not to use your cell phones and to go to the bathroom now. Starting to sound a lot like my job. So we saw the taping- checked that one off my bucket list. (I liked the movie a whole lot better) I can watch Jon Stewart at home and go to the bathroom whenever I feel like it.

Friday’s big event- new camera arrived.

Here is the pictorial record of the  weekend trip to Connecticut. New baby at Liliana’s house

Liliana and baby Diego

Sunday morning- deep blue summer skies, the Casino called my name, but somehow I ignored it.We wound our way to Gillette Castle State Park. Gillette was an actor in the early part of the 20th Century- according to the display he earned a reputation, interpreted Sherlock Holmes for the stage, made a lot of money and built Gillette Castle on the Connecticut River. Beautiful hiking trails, Cory a spunky park ranger took us around the train tracks Gillette had built around the property for his one quarter scale railroad. The steam engine managed a whopping 20 miles per hour speed which Gillette used to terrify his guests. Here is the picture of the real , if meaningless railroad tunnel on the property.

Then, if the other riders are to be believed, we became a few of the last of 200 years of ferry crossers of the the Connecticut River as the ferry is slated to be closed at the end of the season.

Then the Sunday night drive down I95 and home.


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