Saturday downtown

It rained Friday night.  The  Yankee game postponed.

Crimp in weekend plans.  Now we needed to be tethered to media for Saturday’s game.  But Jeter obliged and hit number 3000 spectacularly in the third inning.

Downtown Manhattan was curiously unaffected by the event. We went to the Winter Garden to look at the Jules Feiffer exhibit.  A man and his Yankee hatted, teen-aged son were walking around.

“Great day to be a Yankee fan,” I commented

They were not Yankee fans, dad reported.

But they had just come from the game and the 3000th hit- home run had passed right over their head.

“Something to tell your granchildren,”  I remarked.  They left the game after the hit, too much to see in NY.

the Winter Garden, World Trade Center


The Feiffer exhibit consisted of  several hd screens showing short dance films based on his cartoons and a gallery of forty years of cartoons and sketches.  Jules Feiffer has an alternate ego that comments on the world through wistful leaps of dance.  These were choreographed and capture on video screens throughout the first floor of the Winter Garden.


We sat outside by the river.  A group of three passed by me.

Overhead conversation, “Jjust came to show you my yacht,” The skinny kid said in his best Thurston Howell III (from Gilligan’s Island accent).  There is a really ritzzy mariner outside the Winter Garden.

And then a stroll through downtown,  with a short stop at the 9/11 Memorial /

The view of the Hudson

New York City under construction. The picture is not the trade center. I have always hated the picture taking of the ruined site and now the rebuilding- too sad to be the subject of tourist photos- imo. But above is the ongoing construction of the new transportation center- so many versions of the building in New York City – all mushed together.

And then onto the Casino. I won big. New camera in my future. Pictures should improve.


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