Rainy Day Museum Trip

The middle day of the July 4th weekend started with heavy rains. Pulled the blankets  over my head, regretted putting a skylight into the bedroom and went back to sleep.

But even sleeping late- which at this point of my life means past 6 am comes to end.

We had an idea- go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Many, many people had that idea. I stood on line downstairs, Eric stood upstairs.I was on the corridor where artwork from the public schools of New York City was displayed.
Me: And Mayor Bloomberg would get rid of all the art teachers in the public schools.

Girl behind me: No English- Japanese

Political commentary aborted.

In college my friend Allan, described the phenomenon of tomato courses. In a time where you had to line up to register for each individual course, some lines were extremely long, Allan noted-that like the desire for the limited tomatoes in the school’s cafeteria- people ran to get on line for fear of missing out. You didn’t have to actually want the course with the long line, you just knew you better get on it before the opportunity to get something everyone else wanted ran out.

And that is why I got on the two hour wait line to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit Savage Beauty.

Things I learned from waiting on line. Our newly purchased cell phones- afford evidence that I did text Eric I was on line for the exhibit. In fact I gave great detail about exactly what exhibit I was passing at each point. The return texts- increasingly agitated versions of “Where are you?”

Finally- I gave up on art commentary- asked the guard for the room number and texted 402. Eric appeared. How did our marriage survive the days before cell phones? Long article in the NYTimes magazine this weekend on marriage fidelity. The gist- be honest not necessarily faithful. I again waive my right to political commentary except to mention- neither of us ever could be organized enough to cheat.

Back to Alexander McQueen. The exhibit consisted of much of his collection displayed in what the people behind me described as reminiscent of the House of Horrors the Fire Departments sets up at Halloween.

Philistines, one and all we flowed along with mob.

I did really enjoy the Sera exhibit, and even more so the collection of Nighttime photography.

And also the savory rice carrot ball from the cupcake cart outside.

I am a lifelong New Yorker, but my persona- far more tourist than Carrie from
Sex In the City-hence the above picture of me lunching on the steps of the Met.

And Eric liked the people sitting on top of the double decker bus with the ponchos on.


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