Florida February2011

Bird Sanctuary Taverna Key

Escape from a cold snowy winter in New York. Myra and I took the slow route down to Ft,Lauderdale Friday night with a stop in Atlanta but we were entertained by Tomash,the young man Czech via Atlanta resident who recounted perhaps one of the most interesting family heritage stories ever retold on an airplane.Tomash had a Kenyan grandfather married to Czech native and when Myra mentioned we were Jewish he somehow found some Jewish blood too.
Car rented, one missed turn on road out of the airport and we had Eric and were heading south, passing Indian Casinos without stopping.
Lunch at the Marlin at mile 102 across from John Pennakemp park. We also try to stop there on the way down, The day being Saturday a roasted pig was being carved into pernil between chapters of a mystery book by one young member of the staff

We had blackened fish sandwiches.

The bird sanctuary was our next stop
We found it years ago.
Acres of cages and habits for birds and other misfortunates who have the fortune to find their way to the Florida keys where they are guarenteed dead rats or fish or whatever their natural culinary desire requires.

The people who took our picture at the bird sanctuary told us that they were unable to get reservations in Key West- it was the President;s weekend and we were not alone in our plan to spend the weekend in the exceedingly rare sunshine available in the US this winter. This does not make traveling on a two lane highway a high speed adventure.

But we made it to Key West just before sunset-checked into the El Patio motel and I watched the sunset from the el patio rooftop for which the hotel gets its name.

I love El Patio,just as a side note. It wasn’t quite as quichy as the last time we stayed there when the MG club had a booked a weekend there. Then the hotel was surrounded by rebuilt convertibles complete with one where the owners has somehow procurred wicker suitcases from an era of travel before even my time, and strapped them to the back of the car. But if the hotel lacks some of the amenities of the current chains , we personally missed the hair dryer, then it more than made up for it in lush gardens and old world charm

We had dinner at Margerttaville- decent overpriced food and very loud music.


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