Thanksgiving weekend continues. We tried to go for lunch at Shopsins at the Essex Street Market. Unfortunately, we were treated very rudely when we said we were waiting for family members. I resisted the urge to call 311 and report that I had seen vermin wandering around. I thought that was about as apropriate a use of Bloomberg’s 311 system as any.

Yesterday on one of the busiest travel days of the year we tried to turn left onto the service road of the Long Island Expressway. We were delayed by a ballet of cars trying to avoid the chunks of concrete and other debris scattered about the intersection. So J. had the bright idea of calling 311. We all listened to five minutes of announcements about garbage collection and H1N1 vaccinations before she got the opportunity to report the situation. Then the 311 operator decided she should transfer the call to the 911 operator. The 911 operator asked the 311 operator to repeat her badge number 3 times before he was able to ask what was the emergency. (I hope if I am ever not breathing, we get a 911 operator with better hearing).
911 operator: Which highway has the debris?
J: The service road of the LIE
911 Operator: Then its not a highway?
J: No its the service road leading onto the highway.
911: Then its not an emergency
Click- disconnect

I would have quit there- hey we tried, but M. called back and insisted there were large chunks of concrete blocking the road.

Whether or not the police went out to check- I do not know. We were miles away by the end of the two calls.

Lunch today at Spitzers on Rivington Street.

My mother always told me she lived across from the Streits Factory Rivington Street. So here are some pictures:

<img src="" alt="" title="DSCN0222" width="225" height="300" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-87″ />

We spent the afternoon looking at the gallery exhibits recommended to us last week.

First stop the Dan Flavin exhibit at the David Zwirner Gallery on 19th Street.

Then a walk on the Highline Park

Then a look at the Serra Exhibit in the Gagosian Gallery, where we wandered around huge steel structures – What I felt-
a cross between walking under a cruise ship and being caught in some oversized metal “corn maze”.

An unscheduled stop took us to the Gladstone Gallery. There we looked at a series of maps of the world hand embroidered by Afghan women-the Alghiero e Boetti: Mappa series.

One last stop at Starbucks before heading home, as I waited to order coffee I watched a young women type her experience and reflections of the Serra exhibit on laptap at one of the tables.

No seats for us- we took our coffee back to the car and headed home.


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