Back In Town

September comes.  The summer ends, the days grow shorter and we are back in town. Sometimes I forget that the days spent close to home are equally worth recording, but its hard to get excited about recording adventures that require no more than a subway ride or  car ride, or even a long walk.  Like the day Julia and I walked down to Flushing to buy a few pieces of fruit- and maybe get some exercise in the process. We walked down past the community gardens  but since it was morning the gates were open.  So we let ourselves in.  Some older Asians were puttering around their own patches. In late August the little community garden plots were in full harvest mode and the vegetables were full and plump.  But no tomatoes.  I guess tomatoes were not a big feature in the cuisine of the gardeners of that community garden.

And there were the trips to the beach- hurricanes and tropical storms whipped the waters just east of the New York beaches, so we witnessed 10 foot waves and the occasional surfer while the red flags discouraged us from going n more than ankle deep,

I’ve noticed the advertisement for the Queens College Folk Festival on their new electronic signboard several times as we passed by on the LIE service road.  So today when we were sick and tired of moving things around in the kitchen we went over there.  Although the weather was perfect and we watched the blimp circle overhead – not for us but for the finals of the US Open, the festival was lightly attended. But very enjoyable,

We watched jazz bands and brass bands from the Balkans, Egyptian Belly dances, Simchas singers singing  Besame mucho, is it okay for the Frum to say Julio Iglisias? and a very good Flamenco group. I’m sure I forgot a few, but on a day when Marissa and Marcia complained that the New York Harbor Festival was too crowded to be enjoyable we had a real relaxing day on the Queens College Quad.


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